Why No One Can’t Forget Their First Love so Easily

Not every love meets its destination, not every relation goes for lifetime. If somehow your love or relationship breaks then you may be not able to live the life the way you used to but after some time you’ll become normal as before, that’s common with everyone. There is one more thing common with everyone and that is inability to forget their first love.

If your love succeed then nothing can be better than that but what about those who failed in love? Those memories, those moments, that time spent together literally haunts them. Isn’t it? You may get thousands of list telling about how to forget your first love but the reality is you can never forget your first love, you can move on, start living life the way you used to, stay happy just like before but YOU CAN NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST LOVE.

I mean, can this ever happen that someone asks you “Who was your first love?” and you say “I don’t know”, this is ridiculous. You will always remember who was she/he, what he/she meant to you at that time.

But Why Can’t we Forget Our First Love

There is no logic behind this, no mathematical formula or physics rule can tell you why this happens because feelings in your heart can’t be calculated by machines till date.

first love kiss

The Time You Spent Together

Whether you spent 1 year or 10 years with your first love, you’ll still find something in your heart for them, condition applied that your love didn’t cheated on you because these kind of situations can transform love into hatred, even then you cannot forget your first love :-P, how silly is this, isn’t it?

The Places You Used to Meet

One thing I can assure you of, whenever you’ll pass by the place where you used to meet the love of your life the old memories will start revolving around in your head, you will remember all the dates, all the things you used to do just to be there with your partner. That may seem weird but will definitely do one thing, either will bring a smile on your face or tears in your eyes.

That Care You Had For Him/Her

We always define love as care, affection and respect for someone. The care you had for your partner or your partner had for you was unimaginable. That time you used to say “he/she cares a lot for me” and now the statement has changed to “he/she used to care a lot for me BUT ________”, this blank space fills up the with reason which became the reason for your separation.

Not Every Separation is With Ones Will

The world is huge, different religions exist here, different people with different thinking and approach live on earth. Some couples separate due to personal problems like not being able to continue it but some get separated because others wanted them to, others (family mostly) put on pressure on them, blackmail them on the name of respect in the society. Yes, these kinds of things do happen somewhere in the world today also. If the couple parted their ways forcefully and because of pressure then this becomes one of the biggest reason for “Why Can’t We Forget Our First Love”.

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