What Petty Fights in Relationship Are Costing You

There is no such thing like “A relationship without fights or arguments”. Practically, every relationship goes through this phase, no matter since how long you are together or how much do you love each other, there will still be fights BUT excess of everything is bad. Fights at some point are necessary too but fighting over petty issues is totally nugatory.

If you think that you and your partner had a fight over any useless or less worthy issue and after that everything was normal just like before then my friend you are wrong. If this was the first or second fight then it may become same as before but if it is happening again and again then you need to think but before that you need to stop these fights.

You know these petty fights in relationships costs too much? Yes, these costs us.

If you cannot manage conflict, don’t create conflict.

Petty Relationship Fights Costs us These The Most

petty fights relationships

1.) Patience:-

Doesn’t matter the fight was from your side or from your partner’s, its affecting you both. If your partner can tolerate something for a decent amount of time then time will come when this time limit will be decreased and they will start losing their patience earlier than before.

2.) Temper:-

Everyone has their own limits up to which they can control their anger, by fighting over petty issues you are making them short tempered, the time will come when they will start losing their temper so easily and when this starts happening then its a clear signal that they are fed up now, they are getting irritated by these useless and worthless fights.

3.) Importance:-

Believe or not, it affects your importance. Your silly fights and arguments are influencing your partner in a completely wrong way. They can be same with you when they are in a good mood and when they are in love but when there’s a sense of fighting you can clearly see a change in their behavior.

4.) Your Lovely Relationship:-

Is there anything (ego, attitude, fights) important than your relationship and love? At last it cost you your relationship. Like we said above, it will make them irritated and short tempered and most of the times wrong decisions are taken in a state of anger, to which person realizes later but sometimes its too late.

Our One Advice:-

We won’t ask you to do complicated things, in fact we will not even ask you to stop fighting as this is the most thing one can say rather we would advice you to stop pin pointing every mistake of your partner and stop finding faults in them, instead when anything goes wrong just sit back alone for 5 minutes and think was there anything wrong done by you, are you really exaggerating the thing which is worthless, what you would have done if you were in the same state your partner was? These small questions can make things go better.

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