What Men Really Want In A Woman And Relationships

Have you ever felt like what exactly men wants from a woman or a relationship ? It may be your current boyfriend with whom things are not going smooth as they used to be or your crush to whom you either don’t have to courage to confess or he has been avoiding you for any unknown purpose. To get to know what men needs you first need to understand how his mind works.

There is a huge gap between the way men and women things, literally a hug gap. Every single thing appears to be different if seen from both men and women point of view.

If you think that all these tips apply to all the men then my friend wait for a second and answer my question first, are all men same ? No ? Then these tips won’t apply to all of them too but yeah most of them for sure. These tips will give you a deep insight about the reality, what men really wants in a woman in actual.

What Men Really Want In A Woman

1.) A Man Wants A Cheerful Woman :-

Most in fact all of the men I know are quite cheerful who have got no time to worry and cry about the problems in their daily life, what they like is enjoying. If you are cheerful then good but if you cry over every silly problem in front of him then there is a very little chance that he would even think to be with you. This is not only a plus point in getting him but also for you, after all life is not to cry all the time. Stay happy and make your man happy also.

2.) The Respect Factor :-

I like to be respected. Do you like the same ? Yeah, we all do. This factor has its own place when it comes about what men really want from women or a relationship. I am not saying that women doesn’t deserve to be respected as much as men but what I am saying is men look for this factor in you. He loves to be respected even more than love. If he sees this R-Factor in you then there is a huge chance that you both would be together if wanted to be.

3.) He Wants A Mentally Mature Woman :-

He wants someone in his life who is mature enough to understand all the things happening around and someone who can understand what he says, what he speaks, what he means by anything. Real men don’t want to be a father of a kid (immature woman), he needs to be a partner someone who can compliment his personality, be kiddish with him, that’s absolutely one of the most loveliest things but there is a huge difference between being kiddish and being immature all the time.

Like I Said Every Man Is Not Same, So This May Help You In Your Particular Case

what men really want

4.) Are You Independent ? :-

Men like women who are independent enough to take care of themselves. I won’t deny of the fact that men likes to feel as if they are your superhero and a man who actually takes care of you, this is love but don’t show as if you are weaker and can’t handle anything, need someone always to take care of her, has no personal dreams or any other thing to do except being in a relationship.

5.) Looks :-

Please let me clear before I say anything that I am not criticizing anyone for their looks, I believe it is a gift of god and nature at which no one has control. Mostly guides you may have read before may not have mentioned this thing, in actual this is one of the most important men really want, a real man want his woman to look good. Even a woman also want her man to be good looking and charming.

If you believe that you are not good looking then what you can do is stay tidy, clean, wear good clothes to maintain your personality.

6.) He Wants Someone To Love :-

He needs a woman for whom he can feel that love, that attachment which he normally does not feel for every woman. He should feel that you are the person to love, to get attached to.

7.) A Good Intimate Relation :-

Relation requires a bit of intimacy to keep the love and spark forever. If you just ignore or reject him every time he wants to talk dirty to him on the phone then it would not be a good sign. Nobody is asking you to become a sex slave of him, you have the right to do it whenever you want.

If any man would read this, he will say – “Its not sometimes that they can refuse, its all the time, we have to wait to for it until she is ready and is in a mood” 😛 LOL.

8.) Don’t Be Desperate :-

No man like desperate woman. This is one those things which most of the men hates a lot. Even being a woman you also won’t like your man to be desperate. If you are asking that what men really want then let me tell you he want you NOT to be desperate at all.

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