Valentine’s Day Facts You are Probably not Aware of

14th February is the day of love, and it’s celebrated everywhere to share love, exchange gifts and send romantic messages to the beloved ones. The day brings immense opportunities for the romantic people to let their hearts speak out and hold on to the arms of their partners. TheOneSpy’s thorough research compiled few relevant and important stats on Valentine Day.

Valentine’s Day Facts

When it comes to the percentage of people in every country celebrating Valentine Day, the Americans got the top position; 51% American will celebrate this love day. This day never goes without spending good amounts of money, and TheOneSpy sources report $143 will be paid on average with a ratio of $190 and $96 of men and women respectively. Talking about the purchase percentage of various gifts, sweets are on top with a rate of 53% while 37% percent people will spend on flowers, 21% on jewelry, and 53% people will send gift cards and love cards all over the world. The total spending on gifts, flowers and jewelry are estimated to exceed $9 billion.

The day comes up with happiness and love for every individual, so no stays away from spending and becomes a generous human being. 35% people will travel for fun, recreation and entertainment with an aggregate spending of almost $3.6 billion. The only expenditures recorded about clothing as gifts on this day were $2 billion by 15% people. It’s also significantly important to tell the readers that spending on friends and classmates are relatively lower than those spent on family members with percentages of $6.3 billion and $26.62 billion respectively.

Though it’s a day of love for all without any discrimination of race, gender and age but the adults between ages of 25-34 will constitute the major portion of contributors, and their spending will be $213.04 billion while 35-44 year-olds will spend $176.21 and 18-24-year-olds would pay $168.95 for various activities and goods. The flower stores and departmental shops will sell 38% of total sold gift cards. Check out the facts in below visual.

valentine's day facts infographic

Valentine’s Day Facts Infographic Source: TheOneSpy cell phone spy app

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