Stop Comparing Yourself To Others – Proven How to Tips

You know what is the most common reason we fail at for continuing our relations ? That is comparing yourself to others. Everybody wants to be perfect and when they see somebody better than them they start comparing themselves as if those people are perfect but it is not so, everyone is good at something, all the people can’t have same quality. The only thing this article will tell you about is -“Stop Comparing Yourself To Others“.

This was also the case with me when I saw someone else like on movie screens or Television series that if I could be like this but soon I realized that it was all fake, their roles have been designed and their reel life goes according to script then why the hell I am over stressed for becoming like them, rather I should furnish my good qualities.

This habit of comparing yourself to others will eventually develop into ego which will then kill your self confidence and in the race of becoming like others you will lose your own identity and talents.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

stop comparing yourself to others

1.) Believe in yourself :-

Believing is good but believing that you are not good at anything is definitely very bad. Believe in your talents, I am not saying that you should see others like as if they are nothing and they can’t do anything, that would be totally arrogant. You should not underestimate anyone but you should never underestimate yourself too.

If you are doing something then believe it to be true and good.

2.) Copy The Good, Leave The Rest :-

My mother told me one thing when I was a kid that you should always capture someone’s good habits to your mind and heart forever and leave the rest to them, bad habits are not meant to be taken. Once you capture the good qualities then perform them too, make them a habit, this will make you a better person but never compare yourself with them, never get underestimated.

3.) Uniqueness Makes You Special :-

Okay tell me one thing, you are comparing yourself with someone else, lets suppose you are same like that person then what is your identity for which you will be known ? I think none. Yeah your uniqueness makes you special my dear friend. You are known for who you are not for like whom you are.

4.) That Person Does Not Have What You Have :-

You feel like “I don’t have that quality or looks like that person”, just think this thing for a minute – “Did that person has the quality what you have”? If the answer comes NO, then my friend what’s the point in comparing.

5.) Your Relation Depends On This :-

Problems start arising in relations when one or the other feels as if their friend/lover is giving more attention to someone else, this becomes an insecurity and ultimately ruins the relation, the very first thing you should understand is that you have not bounded someone or the other person has his/her own space too and the second thing is if you feel like this then it would be better to say it to the other calmly and talk about about it with him/her.

6.) Be Confident :-

The main reason because of which you compare yourself to others is lack of confidence. Be confident for what you look like, for what you do.  If you feel insecure about your looks then tell yourself before leaving the home like this – “Dude, you look awesome today, this shirt suits you a lot ;-)”. This will surely boost up your confidence.

7.) You Don’t Know About Others Life :-

May be you wish that if your life could be like them but do you know how their personal life is ? Nobody tells about their personal life to everyone, you don’t know what type of problems they might be suffering from for whose life you are asking. Stay happy for what you have got and believe you have got the best, if not then try to make it best.

Over To You

May be all these things and reasons would be able to stop you from comparing yourself to others. If you wanna add something more to this list and believe that your reason or tip could tell them why to stop comparing yourself to others then you are most welcome to leave the comment.

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