Secret Admirer – Reasons Why You Should Not Be One

Okay, you saw him/her and got attracted, not a big deal every person feels attraction or infatuation for someone, although this infatuation may turn into serious love later but that thing is away yet as you can’t fall in love just with his/her looks, falling in love requires that you should like his/her nature. And for knowing that you should know each other and get close which is only possible if you go and express your feelings and skip the thought of being a secret admirer.

What Is A Secret Admirer ?

secret admirer

Although I have given an idea about what is a secret admirer is in the first para but now in detailed and clear manner, a secret admirer is a person who feels attraction, love, adoration or fondness for a person without disclosing his/her identity to that person and a secret admirer may send gifts, letters occasionally to his/her crush.

Why You Shouldn’t Be A Secret Admirer

Being a secret admirer just for fun is justified, like if you have decided that first you make that person feel special and will disclose your identity in an effective and nice way so as to increase your chances of being accepted, this is fine but does not having courage at all will keep you a secret admirer always and someone else will come in his/her life. Do you want that ? I think no, this is the reason we are saying that you should be a secret admirer (always).

1.) May Sound Irritating :-

Some may like it, especially guys, they will like it more than girls as for girls it may be irritating as if they are being stalked. Gifts, gifts and gifts, this may make them irate. Women are suspicious at first and this may create an alert in her mind.

2.) No Existence Of Yours :-

Let us suppose you are taking care of it and he/she is liking your gifts, okay, lets assume some more, he/she is smiling also while unwrapping your gifts but now wait a second, you still don’t exist for that person. He/She won’t even look at you if you pass by her side. What’s the benefit of sending those heart melting things ? Nil.

3.) Someone Else May Take Advantage Of It :-

As I said earlier he/she may be liking it, surprise gifts etc. But if you still have no courage to go and face your crush and express what you feel for them then my friend you are loosing them. If someone, may be your friend knows about your situation and knows almost about every gift you send then he/she may use it as a weapon and tell your crush that he/she was the person behind it, oopsss now that’s what we call as mess.

Now if somehow you gather courage to face both of them and tell the truth then it will create more mess, your crush will feel trapped. You may lose your crush in this mess.

4.) Wanna Live Alone? :-

This chain of liking someone, then being secret admirer will continue because you don’t have courage to face your crush. Like I said be it if you have a plan like expressing it later romantically not otherwise. Stop being a secret admirer and face your crush, what maximum can happen ? He/she will reject you, not more than that, approach her the right way. Say what you feel, feelings are not meant to be hidden in such a small heart.

5.) Stay Away :-

If this process goes too long and you eventually could not gather enough courage to say it now even, the process is still the same then it may cause a high alert for her, she may consider it as a red flag as if you are not safe. You may appear as a pervert who does this to every second girl/boy.

Friend, at last I would like to ask you a question, is your crush a terrorist ? No ? The why the hell you are afraid of telling your feelings to them, are they going to burst you with their bomb ? Don’t be coward, telling someone that you like or love them isn’t a crime at all.

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