No need to download the love calculator to your phones, we have brought it to you online. Let’s have some fun. Check out your compatibility using this love calculator and get your percentage. This love estimator is based on your names, all you have to do is enter your names and it will display you the love percentage according to your names. Still we all say that love happens with heart and feelings not with calculations. Always believe in your love. đŸ™‚

Love Calculator – Real Love Tester

What Is Love?

Let’s keep it simple and straight for everyone. What we call love (here as a feeling for someone) is as it is nothing but care, respect and affection for someone, that’s it. It is a feeling which can be felt even without expressing. Here is our love predictor to calculate love, have fun, write random names and enjoy our free service, write any name that comes to your mind, write actors names and the best part is you can tease your friends with this love estimator.

the love calculator

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