Lovely Things To Say To Boyfriend And Make Him Happy

In a relationship, both the guy and the girl expect to be the most important and loved person for their partner, although one could feel the love but it doesn’t mean you should not tell them that how much you love them, what they mean to you, are they really special one in your life. We would be focusing here about what things to say to boyfriend to make him feel special and loved.

Few sweet words of love can increase your love tens of times, if your boyfriend knows that how much important he is in your life then I am sure he will respect that (if he is serious with you in relationship) and adore you more.

Sweet Things To Say To Boyfriend

sweet things to say to boyfriend

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1.) Only You Can Make Me Happy When I Am Sad :-

Every guy loves when only he is the person who can make her happy, it makes him feel as if you don’t feel happy with anyone else and only he understand what could make you happy.  Although this can’t be true as along with boyfriend your awesome friend circle also have the ability to make you happy, but that’s a different matter, here you are talking about particular person and he is your boyfriend.

2.) You Have The Complete Right On Me More Than Anyone Else :-

He would love to express his right on you, as if no one can stop you from doing particular things but he can(if its gonna harm you in any way). If you assume it on yourself, how would you feel if your boyfriend ask you that no other person or girl has the right as much as you have, won’t you feel loved, special and obviously awesome ? If you do so, then he too.

3.) Nobody Can Take Your Place Ever In My Life :-

Who loves to give their personal things to others ? No one I think, then how can anyone accept that his place is given to someone else, it might hurt the ego of guys as well but most of it its gonna make them sad if someone else occupies their space in your life. Saying that “Nobody else can take your place ever in my life” will make him happy as if he has got everything he desired of from his girlfriend.

4.) You Are The Best Man Ever I Have Met :-

These words are not gonna make him happy only but will furnish his good qualities as well, saying someone that you are very polite can make him more polite, he will try to retain his good quality if he gets praised for that, its human nature that we love to do what others adore and love so that we can retain our image and place among all.

Same way your boyfriend along with feeling special and happy will also try to retain his good qualities you liked about him.

5.) You Are Really Very Nice :-

It feels good if someone praises you, doesn’t it ? Like you are texting normally like everyday and suddenly you receive a text saying – “Dear, you are really very nice, just love you :-* ” . How would it feel ? Awesome ? Yeah.

6.) Missing You, Dying To Meet You :-

This gonna make him feel as if you really enjoy his company and want to spend some quality time with him. Say him these words at night lying in your bed like – “I am really missing you, wish I was there with you and could sleep in your arms, dying to meet you”, trust me this is not gonna make only him happy but you also.

7.) I Am All Yours :-

Last but not the least, what could be better than saying “I am all yours my love”, nothing I think. You have said to him everything, you have expressed each and every feeling of yours in these four words.

That’s all we thing would be sweet enough things to say to your boyfriend. We and our loyal readers will love to know what sweet things you say to your boyfriend, and what he says to you like that. Good luck, have a happy and healthy relation.

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