How I learned to have a love life and still work 80 hours a week

If you’re a workaholic, then you already know the struggle of working yourself near sleep deprivation and desperately wanting to have a social life. It can feel like there just aren’t enough hours in a day to do everything you’d like to do. Whether you’re a college student balancing 2 jobs or a single mother raising kids and working, your day can seem like a never ending cycle of work.

But the truth is, it can be possible. Human beings are social creatures and having an abundant social life is critical to anyone’s happiness.

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People rarely do the things they should do but they sure as hell do the impossible when it comes to things they have to do! Raising a child would be one of those things.

My mother was a single mother, who worked full time in the military, had a part time job, and went to school full time. Balancing those things were incredibly difficult for her, but I think the reason she made it work was because she was building something for her son. There was a deeper purpose for it all and in her mind she didn’t have any choice but to succeed.

What’s more impressive is the fact that she managed to have an abundant social life to maintain her sanity!

balance love and work life

Currently, I work full time, have a part time job and manage time to build and run a business. I have my own unique version of my mother’s struggle, and seeing that it is possible is the reason that I know I or anyone else can do it. I know what it’s like to only have 4 – 6 hours of sleep in a day and have your schedule completely planned out until midnight.

So this is the part where I give you a breakdown of how to make it all possible in this crazy world we workaholics live in.

Time management is a key element to your success in this journey, but what is probably the most important piece is making this area a priority in your life!

I plan my day for the entire week, and give myself an allotted time of “me time” to enjoy myself and do whatever the hell I want. What’s cool about this is that because I work so damn hard, I make an extra effort to enjoy this time that I allow for myself. I organize events with friends, go out on fun adventures, and go out of my way to meet random people even if I’m doing something as simple as drinking a coffee at Starbucks.

Now that last part is important because what that does for you is it allows you an opportunity to build your social circle of awesome people to enjoy your time with (Again, this is all part of having an abundant social life), and it also brings you one step closer to finding an incredible person to start dating and hopefully have a lasting relationship with.

“But working so much can be disastrous for anyone’s dating life! How the hell am I supposed to balance that on top of just learning how make time for myself?!”

Simple, by using the same formula for success. If you are organizing these awesome events with friends during your spare time then invite the guy/girl you met at Starbucks to your event! This is genius for a few reasons.

  1. You’re not risking having wasted your time if they flake on your date, because you’re going out with friends anyway! You’re going to a place where you know you’re going to have fun, you just extended the offer to share that experience!
  2. If they do show up they get to see you in your element having a blast and being a wonderfully fun person to be around!

And that’s it, that’s how you manage having an abundant social and dating life while working 80 hours a week. You make a few hours of your day around organizing events with your friends, and you’ll find that it creates an environment that naturally allows you to meet new people that you can enjoy spending your time with and bring you closer to finding your perfect partner!

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