i miss my college friends, college friends

I Miss My College Friends – Times You Will Say This

It is all about the time, while leaving the school we feel as if we won’t get any new friends or will be they good as our school friends but the reality is quite different, in fact our college friends sometime becomes one of the most important and special people in our life.

I Miss My College Friends

Yeah, you will be saying this thing “I miss my college friends” once you are out of it, small things will make you remind of your college friends, the fun you had with them, the classes you bunked with them just for a cup of tea in canteen. One thing we all will accept is that no matter how the college life is but the life with college friends is simply awesome.

Times You Will Say – I Miss My College Friends

Lets make a list of those moments or memories which make you say this dialogue, some may be funny, some may be sad but true. Here we go :

1.) Looking At Others Friends Group:-

i miss my college friends, college friends

This is the most common situation or moment which makes us remind of our college friends. Whenever we look at the group of friends anywhere we all think wish I had my friends here with me right now. If any other group is shouting at public place that’s totally wrong but if our group is shouting then its absolutely okay 😛 . Tell us honestly who thinks like this.

2.) Excessive Work Load :-

i miss my college friends

You will miss those days when you had to submit an assignment or project but you didn’t completed it till the last date and then your friends says you 2 things : i. That’s like my friends, I also didn’t did it :-P. ii. I am sending you the files just copy it as it is, but now the scenario has changed , there is no one at your workplace to say these things to you.

3.) Having Sophisticated Meals :-

i miss my college friends, college friends

Have you ever been sophisticated with your friends while eating ? Do you remember any such day when it happened ? I think no because I also didn’t ate with them being sophisticated ever.

4.) Listening to incidents of college friends :-

college friends

Whenever a younger guy/girl tells you about the incidents or unforgettable moments they had with their friends, you will remind those days when you did those things which meant completely non sense but a complete fun.

5.) Not Getting Appreciation At Workplace :-

i miss my college friends

Do you remember when the professor insulted you in front of whole class ? Did you bothered about that ever ? Never, because it was okay to be poor at that time, even you made fun of that professor after the class and some may imitate too (my friends do that 😛 ) but now if you don’t get appreciation at your workplace or gets insulted then it matters a lot, professional life is completely different from college life.

6.) No Free Time :-

i miss my college friends, college friends

Getting up for college and then coming back till evening and then again getting for hangout with friends, this routine doesn’t apply in professional life. The places for hangout changed every second day with college friends but you have to visit the same fucking office daily.

These little things gave so much during college and it was more than fun with college friends. I hope these are exactly the things which can make anyone say , “I miss my college friends”. If you have any other situation please feel free to share it with us.

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