Unique I Love You Pictures – Express Your Love With These Images

Sometimes you just don’t get it how to say I love you to the person you feel for, you want to say but unfortunately you can’t, that is quite a strange feeling, isn’t it? Sometimes you simply want to do more instead of just typing and sending “I Love You”, at that moment these loves images are the perfect fit.

Whoever has said “An image speaks a thousand words”, has definitely said the right thing. The main motive of any romantic picture should be to convey the feelings, the emotions you have for the other.

There is nothing bad in telling the other how much you cherish them, how much you love them and how badly you want them but if you can’t convey it through words then take the help of below provided “I love you” pictures.

I Love You Images

The photos provided in this category are basically for directly saying I love you but the mood of every picture is different. If you imagine you and your partner having a candle night dinner on the sea shore then a picture of beach with “I love you” written on the sand would be perfect, it sets the mood. Here you go with the unique and unseen love pictures collection:love pictures

Numbers have been used in this image smartly and it does make the rhyme.

i love you tattoo

This could be the best picture to use if your better half is a gym freak but make sure he notices the tattoo more than biceps shape and size 😛 or for guys you can also get this as a tattoo on your biceps, don’t be shy if you don’t have huge muscles as your partner will still appreciate it.

i love you beach

A beautiful confession made by using beach waste. Every girl would love to see this for sure.

i love you

How a dead leaf can bring more life to your relationship, isn’t it beautiful?

i love u

It’s time to make your love shine and clear like water in the pic.

i love you forever

There could be nothing than forever love, a relationship which gives others a reason to fall in love.

i love you all

It feels good when someone does this kind of thing specially for you.

i love you teddy

Now here comes the first love of every girl since her childhood. Firstly it’s a teddy, secondly it’s saying I love you.

saying i love you

Let’s get vintage, there is no age for love and emotions.

love images

As simple as your love, no complications.

creepy love

What can we say about this picture? Creepy love? 😛

love with flowers

Gentle, sober and classy of course.

why i love you

This fluffy and furry teddy is saying love you to you, what would be your answer? Yes or no?

i love love

You may not be lucky enough to get these shaped stones when you visit the beach but you are lucky enough to get this picture.

GIF Love Pictures

What could be better than moving pictures i.e GIF. If the above ones failed to impress you then this is the thing you should go for. Download any of the GIF love pics for free.

i love you text

No need to say anything if you have this picture with you.
heart love

The original shape of heart but the language is still the same i.e of love.

girl love

This girl seems desperate but love is love.

sad love

A scene from a very famous movie, tears in eyes and i love you on tongue, one of the best feelings one can have.

i love you baby

Sign language and lip sync, enough to convey what you feel.

images of love

Wohoo, this is very loud and clear. Let the whole world know that I LOVE YOU.
i love you cards

Just show the love card.

Cute Ways to Say I Love You

Sometimes you don’t even needs words to express, your actions speaks better than words. Following the same proverb here are some love pics that proves it.

i love u

Oh my god, I’ve been waiting for her since hours, where has she gone- This frog.

i love u too

A sweet gift that you can present to your partner.

i love you 2

Why does he looks surprised? Any ideas?

dangerous love

This is what we call as dangerous love. Just imagine someday a skeleton walks by you with a rose and says “Will you marry me?”, do not forget to send us the hospital address 😛

love is in the air

Although there is no instrument to measure love but somehow this teddy managed to tell her how much he loves her.

apple love

Apple in the shape of heart, now you can say apple is really for health.

always yours

It feels immensely good when someones comes and says ” I’m always yours”.

love in bed

Isn’t this frog couple cute?

frog couple

He was trying to complaint and he is still trying.

proposing her

Finally the love moment for these frogs, proposal accepted.

love hearts

Beautiful hearts on sand, this sand makes them look similar as such there is no difference between the two.

cats cuddling

Who said only humans can cuddle, have a look at this cutest cats, it’s too adorable.

waiting for love

Now what happened to him again?

love forever

Trust is one of the basic block for a strong relationship.

engagement rings

Although the ring is circle in shape but there is another reality which can’t be seen everywhere and every time.

candle light

A sweet and romantic night invitation.

soft toy love

Any girl would definitely love to have this soft toy.

love you

If you think you’re lucky enough to get a partner like yours then don’t feel shy to say it.

What would be your opinion over these I love you images? Do not keep these only to you, there is a big world out there which needs love and affection.

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