How to Plan a Classy And Romantic Night Poolside Date For Her

A beautiful evening with your date beside a pool is really awesome and classy. It’s time to move to a better date idea rather than following the usual ones. Everything should be clean and go smooth. The very first motive in a date is to make her comfortable with you, if you succeed in this step then the rest is easy. Plan a romantic night date for her beside a pool.

Romantic Night Poolside Date

romantic night date poolside

1.) Book The Place

This is obviously the first thing you need to do but be careful of the place you are about to rent. It would be better if you book where you have 2 separate pools, one being deep and one being shallow (which is suitable for sitting in).

3.) Buy a Gift For Her

Depending upon the mood, the gift should be quite romantic and appealing like you can get a beautiful bracelet for her, a ring, if you have been together since a while then prepare a book having all the old & sweet memories in it. Make sure you don’t get a gift which she doesn’t like or you think she won’t like it.

4.) Don’t Forget The Champagne

The champagne would act as a catalyst in the reaction happening between your and her heart. Champagne is a symbol of class and should not be forgotten at all, if she don’t like to drink then there is no need to force her, just raise a toast.

5.) Decorate The Place With Candles

There could be nothing more romantic than dim and candle lights. Don’t go directly into the deep pool, just sit with her in the shallow one and decorate the boundaries with candles (don’t cover the entrance).

6.) Place The Champagne And Gift Inside The Deep Pool

Don’t present the champagne and gift the way people usually do, make it different. Place the champagne and gift inside the pool, while sitting with her just get up suddenly and walk towards the deep side, she would have no idea of what you are about to do. Jump into the deep water and get the champagne out first, come back to her, hand her the champagne and jump again to get the gift.

Now it’s the time to open the champagne and present her the gift. Don’t be lazy in doing this, you can do this much for her. Can’t you?

7.) Order Some Light Food

Since you are in the pool so it won’t be recommended to order heavy food, instead order some light food or snacks to add some more class to it.

8.) Don’t Forget The Music

Don’t ruin the wonderful evening by not having music at the venue. Make some arrangements for the music. Not every girl likes the romantic only kind of stuff, so along with some soft music to dance on ask her if she would like to behave as is she is at a poolside disco, if yes then its party time. Have fun dancing.

9.) Don’t Cutout The Humor Section

It’s a well proven fact that girls loves the guys who can make them laugh, yes it is a romantic date but that doesn’t mean you can’t laugh. Add a bit humor to your talks. Doing this will not get her bored.

Big Don’ts:-

1.) Keep the climate in mind, if it’s quite cold then make sure the pools are in covered place and the water is warm.

2.) Don’t just throw her into the pool. Whenever a person is thrown forcefully into the water, it makes them unconscious for a moment, rather you can take her into the pool in your arms.

3.) Don’t spill champagne over her. This might be a fun for you and for some girls but every girl is not the same so better not to do this. This is a romantic night date not a rave party.

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