How to Make Your Husband Happy – 11 Best Ways

First thing I would like to say to my readers is that this article is dedicated to men which doesn’t mean men should not make efforts to keep their wives happy, of course they should but like I said this article is for men. How to make your husband happy ? This remains a question in the minds of most women but one thing all women should know is that your marriage firstly depends on how you understand and love each other, if the understanding is great, you both won’t face any issue in your relation.

How to Make Your Husband Happy ?

how to make your husband happy

I would be answering this question of yours by providing ways which actually matters in any marriage. Don’t take any of these tips and advices as a burden, else it won’t work at all, feel it and do it by heart which will actually make it better and strong. No more gossips now, lets jump to the ways :

1.) Don’t Over Expect :-

how to make your husband happy

Expecting from your husband is fully justified as he is the only one on whom you have the full right, but over expecting from your husband is not a good idea, keep one thing in mind that you are living in a real world not in a virtual world of romantic fairy tales, don’t expect your husband to do those things for you which you know he can’t. If you know that he can’t buy you your favorite expensive jewellery then don’t even expect and force him to do so.

If you are thinking which wife does that, then believe me I have seen some who have left their husband for this silly and stupid reason.

2.) Make Him Feel Wanted :-

how to make your husband happy, keep your husband happy

Men really love it when women wants him, not only needs him. Need and want are different things. Need would show the selfishness but want shows your affection, attraction and love for your husband. Even if you are a highly aimed woman moving towards your goals even then your husband would love if you say “I want you with me” to him.

If he feels that he is the biggest priority in your life then trust me it will give him much happiness.

3.) Support Him :-

how to make your husband happy, make him happy

Support him in every way you could, your moral support matters a lot to him. Don’t be a woman who only remains with her husband in good times and shows her back when hard times hit the family. A wife is the biggest support for any man. Make him feel secure over any of his insecurities.

4.) Make Your Sex Life Awesome :-

how to make your husband happy

If you think conveying emotions through saying romantic things or eating dinner together would be enough then you are totally wrong, we all know sex is very important for happy married life and the life which doesn’t have much of it will face severe issues, most of the time man will complaint that he is not satisfied. So, make sex a priority in your married life.

Show him that you want it, it will make him much interested and excited. Don’t make it like we had it yesterday also, is it a schedule or mandatory that you can’t have sex without a gap of 2-3 days, enjoy your life and stay connected with your spouse mentally, emotionally and physically as well.

5.) Same Parenting Path :-

how to make your husband happy always

Father and mother kissing daughter

Some couples have quarrels when parenting, both of them behave like as if they are on opposite team competing for who does better care of the child. Neither father nor mother can do wrong to their child and if your husband doing it wrong in any sense then make him know calmly not by shouting at him or blaming him.

6.) Speak Gently :-

how to make your husband happy more

Like I also said in the previous tip say anything calmly because no man (even woman) loves if their spouse shouts at them. Speak gently, you words matter to him a lot. Also, never do bitching about him with you friend or relative as this would be the first thing any wife can do by spoiling the image ad reputation of her husband. Remember you both are one together, any one of you insulted means both of you are insulted.

7.) Kiss Him Frequently :-

how to make your husband happy

Kissing is one of the best way to convey love and interest in them, plus if you are loosing some weight then it will be beneficial in that too as one kiss burns many calories 😛 LOL.

8.) Understand His Physical Needs :-

how to make your husband happy

A young man sitting on the edge of his bed while his wife sleeps in the background

Most men complain that whenever they are in a mood to get intimate their wives refuses them with one or the other reason, which is really disappointing , if you have a strong reason then its ok but refusing every time is not justified, don’t ever make excuses of kids, pending house work etc.

(For men, this doesn’t mean that woman has no right to say, she is your wife not a sex slave so you also keep her needs and wishes in mind, don’t force them rather seduce them to make it happen, that would be better and right)

9.) Don’t Force Him To Do What He Doesn’t Like :-

how to make your husband happy in life

This will make him angry as no one likes to do the thing he/she hates. If he loves you then this doesn’t mean he has to do the things which he never liked.

10.) Role Play :-

how to make your husband happy

This will add the ultimate fun to your sex life, behaving as different personalities and then having sex seems fun for most of the couples.

11.) The Base Of Your Relation :-

how to make your husband happy with you

At last I would say no matter how much efforts you do to please and make your husband happy, it will a big fail if there is no trust, love and understanding. Understand each other, his feelings, his words, his deeds and trust him.

I would like to wish you a happy married life and may your relation experience the same strong love forever and ever.

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