How To Make Parents Happy – Best Ways Ever

Parents….Who? Do we need to explain the relation of child and parents ? I think no, this is the only relation on the planet which need not be explained and even if you try to explain then I am sure that even million of words made from 26 alphabets can’t explain this relation. Though you can’t repay them back for what they have done for you but still this article will tell you how to make parents happy, you can’t give them that much but at least try to make them happy as much as you can.

So, what is your age ? 19? 20? 21 ? Whatever it may be, lets rewind it to some years back, now tell me that didn’t you thought at that time as you are now grown up enough to take your own decisions ? I think you though this, now come back to your normal age, do you realize now that you at that time still was a kid ? 90% of you would agree with me to this.

how to make parents happy

You know that’s even good on your part that at least you though how to make parents happy and searched for it seeking some advice. My dear friends, you thought good and I am pretty sure that this article will help you out. Lets stop gossiping now.

How To Make Parents Happy

1.) Don’t Take Them As Burden :-

Any thing taken as burden seems negative for us, it may be a task or a relation. You may have heard of the thing that whatever we think about we spread our those thoughts through vibes in the surrounding, so the first step you need to take in making them happy is stop taking them as burden rather love them from your heart, without them you wouldn’t be here in this world, you are here reading this article just because of them.

2.) Respect Them :-

I have heard many elder people saying to their children that we don’t want your money or wealth, all we want is respect, parents are always hungry for some respect from their children. Don’t misbehave with them even if they scold you, remember one thing if they can bring you in this world then they also have the right to scold you, that scolding is also for your good. Don’t shout at them, talk to them politely.

3.) Listen To Them :-

Every parent feels really bad when their own child doesn’t listen to them, all their life they thought that their child would listen to them if no one else and when you grow up everything seems different to them. Listen what they are saying, those people are the only who would never want something bad to happen with you.

First listen them, if you like their point of view then okay, if not then try to make them understand politely and by giving suitable examples but with respect and love.

4.) Give Them Some Time :-

They also want to spend some time with their own blood, after all you are the only one which matters to them the most. If you are grown up and enjoying your college life or a working person then please spend some time with them, talk to them, crack some jokes, laugh together, what else they want, nothing.

5.) Give Social Media A Break :-

What youngsters do today is they are sitting with their family/parents but talking to someone sitting far away from them, friends, your parents are looking for that our child will talk to us, he/she will give us more attention than their so called friend circles.

6.) Their Birthdays and Marriage Anniversary :-

Do you like that at your birthday midnight someone wakes you up and shouts “HAPYYYY BIRTHDAYYY” ? Yes ? They also do like this, in fact more than you only when the people wishing them is their own family. If you can’t do much then gift them a small present on their birthdays or marriage anniversary, or bring a cake and celebrate at 12:00 sharp. Trust me, you will definitely see a smile on their face at that time.

These small things can give them large happiness. Was there anything in the article which said that your parents wants precious gifts from you ? No, just love, care, attention and respect. Did you got the answer to your question – “How to make parents happy” ?

Parents Are Precious Gifts, Treasure Them 🙂

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