How To Make My Girlfriend Happy On First Anniversary

Seems like a big and important day of your life is approaching, one year of your relationship is about to complete, congratulations from This Relationship :-). To be very true if your girlfriend is really in love with you then the one thing that would make her happiest that day will be your presence around her, this might seem a bit filmy but yes its true. I have made up this list for you specially to give you some simple ideas that will make your girlfriend happy.

You know her since one year so you might be knowing her taste, her likes, her dislikes, keep those things in mind while deciding anything. I know everyone out there cannot arrange for things that costs too high and this is the reason I have kept these ideas in budget that can be afforded by most. Shall we begin? Let’s go :

How To Make My Girlfriend Happy?

1.) Write Her A Letter :-

how to make your girfriend happy

Come on guys, do something on your own. This time you have to buy a beautiful paper for her on which handwriting will be yours with the feelings and moments you spent together. Remind of all the memories you both have spent together, every memorable moment that you both can’t forget whether it is a good time or the bad one, just pen it down and combine all those sweet memories in some papers to make another memory.

Wrap it in a lovely way, you could roll it too with her favorite chocolate attached to it. Meet her personally, give her that letter but ask her to read it later at her home when she has nothing else to do.

2.) What’s Her Favorite Place :-

how to make my girlfriend happy

First its her favorite place, second its her first anniversary with you, third she is going to her favorite place with you on her first anniversary. I hope you are getting me? Make her more happier.

3.) Does She Like Chocolates? :-

gift girlfriend to make her happy

You might be thinking that which girl doesn’t likes chocolates, every girl is not same my friend. Make a goodie bag and fill it mostly with the chocolates she likes.  Don’t forget to leave a beautiful handwritten message inside that bag along with a rose. These small things can make her happy in real.

4.) You Might Have Taken A Lot Of Selfies :-

how to make my girlfriend happy

Yes? Utilize them now. Till now you were using those pics and selfies to make your profile picture on social medias but now its time to upgrade to something more. Make a collage of those pics, a heart collage would be better than the traditional grid collage. Take out a print out of that collage and get it framed. This memory will last long.

5.) Accessories :-

girls accessories

Yeah, Yeah, how can we forget this. Almost all the girls likes it, may be your girlfriend too. If yes then this would be best. Make a list of the accessories she use the most and gift them to her. Girls loves gifts and that too when its her favorite accessories.

6.) Give Her Your Full Day :-

make your girlfriend

More than any gift she would love to have your time. If you can then take a day off from your work schedule and dedicate it to her. Spend some quality time together, take her to your place and cook food for her, I know that could result in something horrible but no problem you’ll have a reason to laugh together 😛 ;-).

7.) Get A Tattoo :-

how can I make my girlfriend happy

Most girls like to have a tattoo which are made specially for couples, like you got a lock and she has the key, you got the half tattoo and the other half is on her. If you don’t want that permanent then you can get it temporary too.

I think that all would be good enough to make your girlfriend happy. Real girls get happy in small things also if given with love like I said earlier also only your presence around her can make her feel like the happiest girl in the world. Have fun and happy anniversary 🙂

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