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How to Let go of Someone You Love And Look Forward

Is letting go your love easy? I say NO, its not then how to let go of someone you love and move on to life. Actually its a mind game, no pill could treat you when you don’t want to get treated. People often say – “I can’t live without you,I will die if I get separated from you” and many more things like that.

But, in actual no one dies, they might become as emotionless as rocks but that too is temporary. One day you have to heal, one day you have to accept and let that person go. Letting go sometimes cures you completely and brings you back to the normal life.

How To Let Go Of Someone You Love Truly

how to let go of someone you love

You too know that the sun will rise again then why to wait for that beautiful day rather make today that day. You have got 2 choices here – i.) Let it go and live for those who are still there and always be. ii.) Ruin this life. Don’t you think the first one seems cool and justified? If yes then great half of the work is already done my friend 😉

1.) Just Watch This Video Song

If you are alien to the language in the song then let me tell you the theme behind this- “The guy in the song loves the girl deeply from his heart but could never say it, never express the way he feels for the girl and the day he decides to just say it, she got married to someone else”. The end of this video will make you calm and somewhat relaxed.

2.) Rope Leaving Theory

how to let go of someone you love

Have you tried to pull something forcefully with a rope? In that situation your hands keeps getting hurt because you are trying to pull something heavy towards you which is getting pulled back by another force which is stronger than yours. In that case leaving the rope makes you feel better, gives your hands a relief. Apply the same here, the thing which isn’t meant for you will never reach you.


The above mentioned tips were actually to make up your mind, to give you a feeling of relaxation, to make you understand the fact “It was never yours”. Now what else can you do to let it go.

3.) Meet New People

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. Let me be practical, I will tell you the real fact which happens with all of us – “You get to meet someone for the first time, find that person interesting, get in contact via Facebook, talk with them online for the first time, you don’t even realize when hours passed while talking, want to talk more.” Does this happen or not? Yes? Exactly.

4.) Letting Loved One Go Who Never Loved You That Much

What is the point of keeping any thing with you which does not belong to you. Love always happens with care, need, emotions not by begging or by force. If that person wants to go away then just let him/her go because a relation in which the need to stay together isn’t from both sides never sustains.

5.) Time to Focus on Yourself

All the time you have been busy keeping others happy, taking care of their needs and now a situation has arrived that you have to part your ways, that situation may be different but the truth is that the ways are being parting now. Why don’t you focus on yourself? Focus on the things you always wanted to do but could never due to some reasons.

Get into your own shoes which have been keeping underground for so long. This will help you stay busy.

6.) Give it Some Time

Ultimately it is all about the time. You think you’ll put on the loud music, dance like crazy and Whoaa you are okay? No you’ll not be. It will take some time, the time varies for all. Time is the best medicine apart from laughter which can heal almost any wound you have deep within you heart.

Just keep on going with the wind and you’ll find someone who can fill that empty space in your life. At that time you’ll look back and realize how the time has passed and now you hardly feel sad about what happened. “How to let go of someone you love”, this is not a mystery. It may hurt, hurt like hell in the beginning but eventually you’re going to be absolutely fine with it and realize that whatever happens, actually happens for our own good.

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