How to Keep a Guy Interested in You And Relationship Forever

No relationship can succeed if the understanding is only one sided, efforts are to be made from both the sides. Always remember you cannot clap with single hand, two hands have to meet in order to make that clapping sound. The title “How to keep a guy interested” clearly suggests that it is a women read.

Don’t think that why a woman should make that much efforts to help a relationship sustain which is equally his too. It is not about bending, it is about putting your efforts. You do you efforts and he’ll do his, who know may be your boyfriend is reading the tips to keep girlfriend happy and interested at the same.

How to Keep a Guy Interested – Simplest Ways Ever

We believe that the relationship in which anyone among the two has to put extra energy or has to go beyond limits, tolerate those things which are even hard to digest, is not that much stronger. So before you go advance, go basic.

how to keep a guy interested forever1.) Support Him

He just wants your support. Support doesn’t mean saying “I am with you” only, you should do this too. If on one hand you are saying this and on the other you are not supporting him in real then this just makes him more irritated. You can be his biggest support and strength. Listen to him when he has something to say, encourage him when he feels down.

2.) Don’t Sound Boring While Texting

You have to agree with one fact-“We all love when we get long messages in replies” :-P. Isn’t it? Yes we all do, if you are replying to all of his messages with “Hmmm”, “K”, “Fine” then this is gonna make him lose interest in you.

3.) Don’t Complaint of Time

Most of the women have complaints to their boyfriends that they don’t give them much of their time. This may be true up to some extent but if you always hit him with the same complaint every second day then this is surely gonna make him irate. Instead of complaining try to say it with love, you will get his time and affection both.

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4.) Don’t Get Physical Too Early

You both should involve physically only when you both are comfortable with each other and you both have build sufficient on each other. Climax never happens in the beginning. Kissing, hugging is absolutely okay but don’t shed your clothes too early.

5.) Make Him Feel Like a Man

No guy wants to stay in the category of a boy. Make him feel like a man. Make him realize that his thoughts and ideology is like that of a mature man. It doesn’t mean you should support his wrong thoughts, make him correct as well where there is a need to.

6.) Don’t Hide Your Humor Side

Most of the guys are fun loving, they love to laugh and make others laugh. Be romantic but not all the time, give some time and take out your humor face as well. Crack jokes, support him when he crack jokes, make fun of each other in a loving and cute way (don’t insult). Do include laughter in your relationship apart from love and care.

7.) Look Good

If you have managed to get your crush then that doesn’t mean that you should stop focusing on your appearance. It still matters and will always do. Dress good but don’t appear to be fake, show what you are in real. Nobody is asking you to dress up like you are going to attend an award ceremony for a date, be real.

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