How to be More Positive When You’re Failing Every Time

If you are able to find a path with no obstacles then it probably doesn’t lead anywhere, I think these words of mine have already made you more positive. Yes? Then think what the whole post about how to be more positive can do and how it can fill you up with a new energy.

You know its quite an easy task to say “STAY POSITIVE” but equally difficult to apply it especially when everything in your life is going wrong and you see no hope coming from any direction, then comes the real test.

How to be More Positive in Bad Times

1.) Control Your Mind:-

The very first thing you need to adopt for staying positive is to control your mind. When hard times hit or when there is everything going in a completely wrong direction then our mind tends to develop negative thoughts. Just tell your mind and body to stay relaxed first. Take a deep breathe, this will help you a lot.

2.) Music Has That Power:-

Don’t underestimate the power of music. Listen to motivating music can boost up your confidence and the positive waves in your mind. Have you ever listened “Herbalife Anthem”? If not then I would suggest you to listen to it once, its lyrics are really motivating.

3.) Read Motivating Stories:-

Read the stories in which people have excelled in the end but have failed in the beginning, or in which people managed to get everything right in the end, probably you won’t find a story in which a real person has done everything correct or achieved success at once, if you are able to find such then 99.9% are the chances that it is imaginary not the real one.

4.) Don’t Get Sad By Seeing Others Success:-

Don’t compare yourself to others. Most of the times when they see other people especially their competitors and see their success then they feel as if they can’t do anything, they get upset, they get hopeless but never look at the time and hard work the other had given in order to achieve that height. If you have done the same thing then it’s the right time to stop bothering about them, try to find out if there’s any mistake done by you which is becoming the obstacle in your road to success.

“It takes much more longer time to build a palace than to build an apartment”

5.) Meditate:-

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In the first point I said calm your mind and I know that’s not an easy work to do in the hour of problems. Meditation will help you attaining this.

Meditation = Calmness = Relaxed Mind = Improved Thinking Ability = Improved Efficiency = Problem Solving Capability

6.) Everything Happens For Our Own Good:-

Can I narrate you a story in short please? Once there was a king, he went to prey and got his finger cut. His minister smiled and said everything happens for good reason, the king got angry and sent him to lifetime imprisonment. Again he went to prey and unfortunately got caught by some tribal people who wanted to sacrifice his life for their God, suddenly their head came and said “the king is incomplete as his finger is cut and according to our tradition we can’t sacrifice his life” and ordered his men to leave the king as he was of no use to them. The king came back to the palace and immediately passed the orders to free that minister and apologized and said “You were right, if my finger didn’t got cut that day then they would have killed me today, God saved my life by taking a piece of my finger only”.

I hope you’ve got here what I was trying to convey. Keep this belief and you will find yourself strong enough to face all the difficulties in life.

Hope you have got the way for how to stay positive when nothing goes right. Whenever life puts you in tough situations don’t say “WHY ME”, just say “TRY ME”. Your positive attitude matters a lot in overcoming the problems.

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