How To Approach Women – The Right Way

Approaching a woman is not a rocket science which is too tough to understand, it just demands a little things and some care to be taken off. Have you ever been in a situation when you really wanted to approach a woman but had no clue for how to approach women ? It may be your fear pulling you off and causing hurdles in your way to get a date for yourself.

You take one step forward and 3 steps backward, this way you can have get a woman you really liked at first sight. You need to take the steps but only in the direction she is not opposite to that. lets just begin to make you more confident and help you with some tips so that you can approach women/girls :-

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How To Approach Women Anywhere

1.) Look At You First :-

I am not talking about your looks, face or height but your appearance, how you are dressed up, do you seem clean and tidy wearing nice and clean clothes. If the girl saw you approaching her, then before you could talk, compliment her, say anything she will notice your dressing, does she smells a pleasant smell when you reach her. These things actually count, so make sure you look quite good with your clothes.

2.) Don’t Think About Rejection :-

Consider two situations if you are fearing rejection – 1.) You didn’t approached her. 2.) You approached but got rejected. Now make your mind understand that in both the above situations you will be alone at last but in the second situation there is a chance that she might like it too. In my opinion second one is far better than the first.

3.) Don’t Approach With A Clear Sexual Thinking :-

Hey guys, her eyes are up there. Approach her as if you liked her not her body parts. If it clearly shows that you are approaching with a sexual line then this is gonna make her something, you know what ? UNCOMFORTABLE and most probably you have already got rejected even before approaching.

4.) Its Time To Show Your Confidence :-

Women like men with confidence. Don’t approach her with shaking hands or sweat on your forehead. She is a woman not a terrorist who is gonna explode you with a bomb. Pass a decent smile to her.

5.) Don’t Say Directly :-

Most of the guy, may be in nervousness say it directly that they wanna date them or if she can be friends with him, come on buddy you are a complete stranger to her, do you really think she would go on a date or become friends with someone they have never seen even before.

6.) Compliment Her But Not The Usual Way :-

Don’t use cheesy pick up lines like “your eyes are beautiful” etc etc. Compliment her for what she wasn’t even expecting , like look if she is wearing a really good thing, or carrying a novel you have read before, talk about that, or compliment her for the dress she is wearing.

Give a compliment where wasn’t expecting, like suppose you met her in a coffee shop, say something like”I have never seen you here around, and although I don’t like coffee that much but I would drink it here daily if I knew a woman as beautiful as you would be sitting inside”.

7.) Don’t Ask For Her Number Directly :-

Don’t be too desperate. Girls might hesitate while giving their phone number directly to a stranger, instead of phone number you may ask for other contact details like ask her for her email address, Facebook would also be good, if you are too classy then give her your business card. If you have any detail like E-mail address then it won’t be difficult anymore to get her number and eventually a date with her.

8.) Sound Safe :-

Make her feel you are completely safe to talk with, she should not feel as if she is in a problem. Do not touch her, don’t block her way, sit/stand comfortable at a reasonable distance and most importantly talk gently without being rude. Don’t visit them when you are drunk, she will consider it as a red flag.

9.) Make A Good Eye Contact :-

Do not even think to check her out while talking to her, make a good eye contact with smiles where needed. You may not love her but also don’t even show your lust.

10.) Anything Can Happen :-

At last, you need to be assured that she can reject you or say who you are, I don’t even know you. This is the thing you should be prepared for and why not girls are suspicious at first and they should be. This would be the right time to show your skills and funny side which can make her talk to you.

All these things needs to be taken of while approaching a women. If we summarize it up then – be confident, be gentle, be classy, be genuine and safe.

We would love to hear your experiences you had with a stranger girl. Share with the world and this article also to let your friends know about this. All the best.

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