Happiness as a Weapon of Seduction – Be Seductive

Let us face it; no guy wants to be around a girl who is always sad and depressed. For most guys depression is a serious turnoff. Men do not want to hear about every bad thing in your life, every time you open your mouth. While it is important for a man to be a good listener, one should not take advantage of this belief.

happiness and seductionWhen a woman is happy, she is smiling, laughing and giggling. Men like a woman who is happy. As such, happiness is a weapon of seduction for most women. No matter how bad the guys day could be could be, a cheerful woman can make any guy feel 10 feet tall and bulletproof.

One of the most annoying aspects about any argument or disagreement during a relationship is when the woman gets upset. The guy will never know what upset her; because it could be any one of millions of possibilities. The woman on the other hand expects the guy to know what upset her and make it right. Yet she will not tell him anything. She simply pouts and mopes all day long. This is not seductive.

To be seductive, you have to make the guy feel better about himself. When he tells a joke you should seriously laugh; but only if it is funny. Guys like a girl who is comical. This does not mean making fun of yourself to make them happy, rather it means being able to take a bad situation and turning it around.

When you are happy, men around you are happy. When you are smiling and cheerful, you can melt the soul of any man. Your laughter can make any man beg and grovel at your feet. Happiness itself is a powerful weapon of seduction when used properly.


When a woman smiles, she can turn any bad moment into a happy one. It is a confidence builder for any man when a woman looks at him across a room and simply smiles. A properly executed smile can turn any man into Jell-O.


Laughter is a cure to just about any bad situation. When timed properly, a woman can brighten any day simply by laughing. Sometimes this means laughing at a guys joke even when it is not funny; just make him feel better. It means laughing at something funny that happened on the street; just because he likes to hear you laugh. Just make sure you do not overdo it, because too much laughter can be worse than no laughter at all.


All around us there are things that make us laugh. There are certain comical things that a woman can do which is very seductive to a man. When you know what the guys interested in and what he likes, you are able to turn any observation into a comical experience which both of you will remember for years to come.

No matter how you choose to look at it, happiness is one of the most effective weapons of seduction in any woman’s arsenal.


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