Finding Your Voice After a Break up – Tips To Heal Your Broken Heart

The sun has set and you feel like you can’t breathe. Everything that you knew and loved is gone. You feel weak, helpless, powerless. You don’t want to eat, smile or even move. You’ve been wearing the same clothes for days already. You haven’t showered or even been outside. Minutes turn to hours and hours turn to days. The person that you once did everything with is no more. You feel that you too are no more after a break up.

Breaking up is always going to be a hard. We remember all the times we had, all the love that was once shared, and that beating in our hearts we felt when we saw them for the first time. Don’t fight your feelings. It’s normal to have ups and downs. You feel many emotions, including anger, resentment, sadness, fear, relief. It is very important to acknowledge these feelings and understand why you are feeling them.

Tips to Help Heal Your Broken Heart After a Break up

separated after a break upDon’t Fight The Feeling

Hey, you just broke-up, you need to feel the pain. It’s the pain that we have in our hearts that will help us understand life. It’s even the pain that sometimes helps us become a better and much stronger person. Most people, like my friend turn to drinking. This is something that you don’t want to do. By drinking, you are not moving on or healing the way you should. You are just keeping those feelings bottled in. I’m not saying not to drink, just limit how many drinks you have in a week. You shouldn’t be drinking more than one or two days a week..

Don’t Air Your Breakup Online

It may be tempting to go on Facebook and air everything about your ex and just have a good old rant about it. You might even want others online to feel sorry for you. But don’t do that. You’re better than that. You want to stay away from following your ex’s every move online. It will hurt you if you see a picture of them having a great time at a bar, laughing oro holding a stranger’s waist. Don’t do it to yourself.

Spend time with people who support, value, and energize you. You may not be up for going out just yet, so have some friends over. Stay off of social media, this is the time to heal and pull yourself together.

Understand That It’s Okay To Be Alone

We’ve spent so much time in a relationship that we forgot what it feels like to be alone. After my five-year relationship ended I was at a lost. I was used to saying “We”. I didn’t know how to be alone. The phone calls were over, the texting stopped, I truly was alone with nothing to look forward too. I had cut many of my friends out of my life because my ex didn’t like them. All I had was myself.

Eventually all the pieces fall into place, it was just a matter of time. I had to learn to do things for myself again. But something happens along the way–you find that smile. I started cooking, going to the gym, writing, traveling, and making new friends. I had no safety net, I just went for it. Get to know yourself again. Find what you like to do, this is your time!

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Music Heals The Soul

Music is everything, it helps us heal after a breakup, death, or just puts us in a good mood. Music has given us joy since the beginning of human history. You might already be watching movies that you once shared together, or hearing songs that just make you cry. Here are a few songs that I heard during my breakup and that gave me emotional strength:

Kelly Clarkson — You Love Me

TLC — No Scrubs

La Roux — Bulletproof  

Robyn — Dancing On My Own

Pink — So What

Mariah Carey — Thanx 4 Nothin’

September — Cry For You

Selena Q.P. — Que Creias

Never Settle For Less Than What You Deserve

Some time has passed and you might think it’s time to start dating. GREAT! When dating someone new, take some time to get to know them. Let’s face it, you should never have to settle for less than what you deserve just for the sake of being with someone. By now, you know what you want. Maybe you are a relationship kind of person. Nothing wrong with that. But don’t rush things. Time is everything. You should never change yourself – your values, goals, or dreams – for your partner to accept you. Don’t put the friends who have helped you heal on the side just to spend time with this new person. Because at the end of the day it’s those same friends that are going to be there for you if it doesn’t work out. Most of all, remember that dating should be fun.

In closing, the love, the pain will never go away as much as you want it too. You just learn to heal and move on after a break up. In life we fall, not always for the right one, but we do. We need to take what we learned and use it where it matters….in ourselves.

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