Facebook Friend Request – Myths If Accepted or Sent

Facebook, which is today’s largest and still growing social networking site which helped millions (even more) of people connect with each other. People send friend requests, make new friends, connect online and share their life or thoughts with others but some really misunderstand small things like if some girl accepts a friend request from a guy, that guy as if he had won her but its not like that always.

We are going to show you some myths or misconceptions that revolves around in the minds of people over these Facebook friend request.

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Facebook Friend Request Myths

1.) Accepted ? He/She Definitely Likes Me :-

This is the most common and the most stupid thing to think just over accepting the friend request. Come on, he/she has accepted your friend request not you marriage proposal. If accepting Facebook friend request was a sign that the other person likes you then you must consider yourself a star as depending on the size of your friend list, there are so many people who have accepted it.

2.) Easy To Get :-

What connection does Facebook friend request and this myth has in ? Just because the other person has accepted your friend request, doesn’t mean that person is really easy to get, it may be opposite as well.

3.) Characterless :-

This misconception not only arises with accepting friend request but also with chatting with some stranger. If you send a message to random person then two things will happen, either he/she will not reply or he/she will reply, now people are not happy in any way, if they get a reply then the other person is too open and may be talks with every stranger and if they don’t get a reply then they say such an egoistic person.

4.) Yes, I Got A Date :-

The first one and this one are somewhat same but slightly different, there the person thinks that he/she likes them but here too confident about the date. This might sound funny but yeah the incident I am going to tell you happened in real with one of my friends, he sent friend request to a girl, like other he also thought that girl would be easy and ready to talk about anything, this is what happened in real :

He : Hey (seen but no reply)

He : Hello (seen again)

He : Hi (seen)

He (frustrated) : Why don’t you reply me, if you didn’t had to reply then why the f*ck you added me up in your friend list and accepted my friend request ?

She : To increase number of friends so that I can get maximum likes on my posts.

Hahahhaha now this is what we call as trolled. Got the date ? LOL.

5.) Why He Sent Me The Request ? Does He Likes Me :-

Not always true, not only guys but girls are also one of the prey of these myths. Yeah this may be true but not in every case, may be his motive in sending you the request was just to be friends and he may not have even thought beyond that.

Beside these some myths, we would love to hear what you have encountered in you life related to Facebook friend request which turned out to be a myth.

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