Elopement: Running Away Together Can Be As Romantic As It Sounds

No one wants to plan a wedding, but why skimp on the sentiment in your elopement? Elopement can be just as magical whether you are on a tight budget or not. Making your elopement special is easy when you consider these ideas.

elopement, just eloped

Stress-Free Outdoors

The tried and true outdoor wedding is a scary prospect for any bride, but for an elopement on the fly, it can be a beautiful, breezy ceremony with your chosen officiate and guests. With an elopement you don’t have to fear the weather. The real trouble comes down to picking the right location. From the waterside choices a quick elopement can happen on the beach or dock, even on the local scenic pier. It just comes down to double checking your local city permissions. Local parks can be especially beautiful, and if there are any outdoor gazebos, the photos will definitely pop.

Adventurous Couples

Eloping on a mountain summit at sunrise definitely provides an exemplary view. You definitely don’t want to forget handing out disposable cameras to any attending elopement guests in order to catch that kind of scenery, because these brides know that nature will provide the perfect atmosphere for their moment. The more adventurous bride can even consider the hot air balloon, which provides a cozy event for two (plus officiate) and beautiful scenery.

Social Brides

Some brides want the party but not the hassle. So why not have the fun of a celebration with an elopement party? A casual bride can host with pizza and beer on the cheap, and the happy couple can experience an actual party with friends than a ceremony. But with a bigger budget a bed and breakfast could easily accommodate a small elopement party, providing housing and food for an entire weekend. It might not be for everyone, but it can be an exciting and memorable choice for any social butterfly.

Traditional Courthouse

But let’s not forget tradition in our haste. The courthouse elopement still has much romance to offer a thrifty bride. Every officiate is a volunteer at the courthouse, and there’s a line of other couples waiting to marry who share the experience with you. A DIY veil with a white dress makes it easy on the bride. It’s a simple event where a bride can easily stop at the local farmer’s market for a small bouquet on the way to the courthouse. Therefore, what it lacks in stress and cost, it gains on the intimacy.

Next Stop . . .

Lastly for some the magic of eloping is all about the destination. For this bride even attending a courthouse wedding ceremony is low priority. Explore your options financially for a beautiful destination overseas, out of state or even a city nearby. It could even be done on a cruise ship or drive thru chapel, if you are near Las Vegas. It can be private or invited guests, according to the whims of the couple. No matter what, even with the higher price tag, a travel elopement can be cheaper and less stressful than most wedding ceremonies, which is exactly what some brides want.

With wild elopement choices like scuba diving and ferris wheels, it’s important to remember that there’s no wrong idea for an elopement. The real question is what elopement style is best for the bride and groom on their happy day.

Author – John Keefe is an avid blogger and professional Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City. John is passionate about sharing information online through his blogs, on youtube, and provides local marriage services in OKC to his local community with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies Wedding Officiants.

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