Communication In The Workplace – 10 Tips To Improve Skills

Your personality, your image, its all about how efficient you are in your communication skills in the workplace. You may be struggling with the problem of weak communication skills at your workplace and why not, from a manager to an employee this skill is really very important but the good news is that this skill can be learned and developed for sure, all you need to do is keep some key points in your head and a little bit of practice.

To communicate better, you should be able to first read, write and listen better. If you need to become more valuable in your work organization then efficient communication skills of yours can get you that. I have seen people getting selected for particular tasks, particular important tasks not for their qualifications but for their communications, the company provided them the reason for selecting those people and the reason was – “You communicate better and we need a guy who can handle the team and speak for the company”.

Keeping the importance of better communication skills in mind, we have prepared the list of tips to improve your communication in the workplace, after all this will help you to build your relations in your organization.

Tips To Improve Communication In The Workplace

communication in the workplace

1.) Learn To Listen First:-

One of the common reasons for not being able to speak better in their workplace is not in a habit to listen what others speak. What would you say about anything or what would answer to anyone if you have hardly listened to others, people listen, they do listen but the problem is they don’t listen it CAREFULLY and ACTIVELY.

Listen and then ask for clarification for what you didn’t understood, by doing this you are doing favor to yourself in two ways – 1.) The speaker will feel like you are paying high attention to what he/she is speaking, indirectly you earned yourself a listener. 2.) Asking for clarifying will make your concepts crystal clear thus you know what to speak and what facts or points other gave.

2.) Remember The Audience In Mind :-

This thing matter whether you have to speak or write to someone, both involve communications. For example if your accent is American and you have to speak with someone whose accent is quite different from you and English is like a alien for them then you have to be careful that what you speak, the listener gets it. Use the words that are too common for everyone so that your audience could understand it.

3.) Use Accurate Medium :-

By medium here I mean the way of communication like whether you are communicating on phone, sending a letter ,an email or face to face conversation, it matters a lot. If you know that communicating face to face would be better to express something more effectively then it would be a waste of time to send an email, because you know it can make the things even worse.

Your facial expression and body language can add more chances to get your thoughts into the head of your listener. Face to face is always better, if that’s not possible then use video chatting software to communicate than to call on phones.

4.) Be Authentic With The Info You Give :-

Don’t give false facts ever, if anyone from your audience already knew about that then this would be the worst thing of all, your authenticity will be questioned and man, you are screwed now. In a personal conversation this can be tolerated (only by your friends) but not in a meeting.

When you speak, make sure you are confident of what you speak, you are clear and your statements are purposeful. This will build trust for you.

5.) Your Appearance :-

Most of the people and even guides you will read won’t talk about this point but yeah it is equally important as others and I can prove that. Lets assume two situations here, 1.) You are not well dressed, your clothes look untidy, it feels as if you haven’t taken a shower today. 2.) You look tidy, well dressed, no bad smells coming out of you. In which situation you would feel confident to present yourself at your workplace ? The second one ? Obviously, this adds up to your self confidence, thus you can communicate better. You have to look gentle, decent and nice.

6.) Handle Negativity Targeting You :-

You know some people are just like crabs, all they want to do is pull others legs down so that they can never rise and most of them do it by creating negativity in your minds. Sometimes negative emotions arise while in a conversation, never let these emotions arise and destroy the relation, if you feel that it is over powering your relations at your workplace make sure to address and cure it.

7.) Encourage Others :-

Whether you are keeping your points in front of your juniors or your seniors you have to be carefully how you respond to their thoughts and how do you tell them what could be better.

If you have to tell some flaws in anything or you have to give negative feedback about something then make sure you do it in a way which don’t hurt others, never let them feel as you are being hypocrite.

If you are to tell your junior that his points, his thoughts needs to get better then do it in a positive way, so that he does his work with passion not with pressure. Encourage him/her that he has the capability to do something more awesome than that, this will improve your image among your juniors, they will think as if you are very supportive and understanding, in short you became more valuable in your workplace.

8.) Offer But Don’t Impose :-

Ideas are meant to be offered not to be imposed on others. First you take it on yourself that of someone who has more authority give you his idea and ask you to do it as it is even if you don’t like it then would you be able to accomplish the task with full energy ? No, because you were forced to do that.

Similarly, other too won’t like it. If you have some idea, offer it to others, ask them to think over it and how it can be made better, this will increase the team work and everyone will put up their efforts in achieving the goal. At least your juniors will feel that you listen to them too.

9.) Confidence Wins :-

Confidence always wins, the second last in our list of how to improve communication in the workplace is The Confidence Factor. Whatever you speak or write, do it as if you are an expert in it, your confidence will blow your audience away in the direction you want.

10.) Practice More :-

You and we all know that you read the above points and the next you communicated and that was perfect, it won’t happen like this way we know that. For that you have to practice, stand in front of a mirror and deliver your ideas to your image, keep a recording gadget there and record yourself speaking, see that video and find out what you think can be improved.

Summary :

If we are to sum up all the things that makes you a better communicator then it would be – Listen first, show respect to others, encourage them, keep the audience in your mind, take care of your looks, be authentic and genuine and the last be confident and practice more. Good luck.

Over To You :-

We would love to know that how you are struggling in this and how you overcame with this weakness. If you liked what we said then do hit a share button and share it on your social networks to let others also overcome this problem with communication in the workplace.

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