7 Great Date Ideas Especially for Food and Wine Lovers

Planning a date can really be an exhausting process. Especially if you want to surprise and  amaze your partner. The more you know about them – the better, and the good news is that our dear fellow wine lovers are not hard to please. Simply, just give them some wine. But HOW and WHERE you are going to do it is up to your imagination and creativeness. Lucky for you, you now have the internet which has the answers to all your life questions, including where to take one wine lover on a date. Take notes of these great date ideas.

Great Date Ideas
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7 Great Date Ideas

Number 1: Wine tasting

Not only can it be romantic and fun, it can also be really educational. There is something super sexy about those people who know wines. And since you two are already wine lovers, why wouldn’t you really get to know this fabulous beverage? There are four stages of wine tasting:
1. Appearance
2. “In glass” aroma of wine
3. “In mouth” sensations
4. Aftertaste
With these four steps you will examine the complexity and character of wine, its potential and possible faults.
The prices go from 100 USD and higher.

Number 2: Visit Sydney food festival

This wonderful exhibition happens this year from 01 October to 31 October on Sydney center streets. It is also known as Good Food Month. From Asian inspired noodle markets all the way to the culinary photographic competition, it is an event you two love birds have to attend. Enjoy all the teas, cocktails, wine tastings and much more. Many cool restaurants, like a modern Pitt Street Diner for example, are participating in this festival every year and offer you a lot of wine tasting and fine dining opportunities.

Number 3: A fancy dinner

This is always an unmistakeable option. Get into your best clothes and make a reservation in a luxurious restaurant with orchestra, sommeliers and all that stuff. Have a bottle of fancy sauvignon blanc or a Pro Corde if you are more into red wines, eat their finest meal, listen to the music and enjoy the atmosphere.

Great Date Ideas for foodies
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Number 4: Progressive meal date

This isn’t a classic meal date. Plan your day and instead of having an entire meal at one restaurant, have drinks at one place, some appetizers at second place, main dish at third place and dessert at fourth. Later, when all that digests nicely (which shouldn’t be a problem because constant moving will speed things up), visit a wine place to spice things up a little bit before going home, or a coffee shop for a late night conversation.

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Number 5: Brewery tour

Don’t just stick to wines, try some other beverages as well! Did you know that there are more than 30,000 types of beer in the world? A beer tour night is always a fun experience. And what about whiskey? Tequila? Vodka? And those cocktails, oh my God, I seriously think that there are enough types of cocktails for a regular person to drink a different one every day for the rest of their life and they still won’t try them all. Explore a little bit, have fun and get tipsy together.

Number 6: Hire a Butler

The ultimate private wine and dine. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? If you really want to feel like royalty, this is the way to achieve it. Lay down while this wonderful man does all the work for you from setting an atmosphere all the way to your favourite meal preparation. Yes, he will even do the dishes! And don’t worry, he knows when it is time to go away (wink).

Number 7: Take cooking classes

There is something about people who are good with food. Imagine what an exciting and educative experience that is. When you two become master chefs, you can make a romantic dinner for you two on your own. I highly recommend this option!

That would basically be it, great date ideas for you. The 6 most creative and beautiful ways to spend a date night with a wine lover. Believe me they will be super happy. I hope you will have a wonderful date, and remember – drink responsibly!

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