4 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Relationship

It’s not a new thing that people make mistakes, everybody does whether a boyfriend or a girlfriend. We have been reading a quote since years that “Nobody Is Perfect” but never took this or implemented this into real life, doing this will solve half of the problems as most of the break ups in any relationship are done just because over silly reasons.

After reading this you’ll definitely relate it to yourself because these are common mistakes that every couple has done at least once in their relationships.

Common Mistakes to Avoid In a Relationship

common mistakes to avoid in relationships

1.) Fighting Over Silly Issues:-

It’s not that every time a girl picks up a silly issue and starts fighting over it, sometimes it is from boys side too. For example, the girlfriend and the boyfriend both gets angry if one of them doesn’t answer to their recent calls and this becomes another reason to fight. Come on, nobody has taken birth just to talk and be in a relationship, there are other works too and sometimes there might be a problem because of which he/she was unable to answer.

2.) Getting Influenced By Something:-

By something here, I mean FB posts, pictures, movies, texts, any other couple etc. People sometimes take these things so seriously that they cannot see anything above it. Why don’t you understand that the Facebook post you got influenced with was created by a normal person just like us, he is not god.

Let me tell you a real incident. Recently a couple broke up, can you guess the reason? They both went for a movie which was against relationships and by the movie ended, they were separated. OMG. That movie was made just for fun and it was not real, the actors were playing their characters and the girl got so influenced that she broke up with the guy.

3.) Saying “Bye Forever” Every Time You Fight:-

This is the worst thing you can ever do in a relationship. Right now you’re in an unofficial relationship so it is easy to say bye forever but if we imply the same thing to married couples then they would have to keep a divorce agreement in their cupboard every time, because nobody knows when they’ll have the next fight, so to avoid wastage of time the divorce agreement should be ready. Isn’t it?

Grow up, please.

You know when you are in a relationship then you and your partner both feel the fear of getting separated, none of you want it to happen but if you say these kind of words every time there is a verbal fight then slowly this fear will vanish away and your partner will have no reason to stay with you because you’ve made up their mind and taught them yourself to live without you.

4.) Hiding Secrets:-

You think that if you tell your partner about that particular thing then it will hurt him/her and you hide that, yes you’re right it may hurt them but you shouldn’t hide it. Someday the truth will come out by any means and then it will turn the situation worse or even more than that.

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