15 Tips for a Happy and Successful Relationship

Now a days most of the relationships around us are for a short time. Especially with the youngsters. Even the number of divorces have increased in the past few years. There are many reasons why a relationship fails. The biggest reason is ego. Second reason is doubt.

Today I would like to share some tips on how to keep your relationship healthy and happy forever.

tips for happy relationship

  1. Never give up on a relationship just because people say it won’t work. If you’re in love, screw what everybody else thinks.
  2. When taking a decision, ask for advice even if you won’t take it.
  3. Don’t be too friendly with an opposite sex.
  4. Don’t keep complaining every time about everything.
  5. Don’t be too dependent or too much independent.
  6. Forgive them for the small mistakes. Don’t keep grudges with your partner.
  7. Avoid lies. Lies ain’t good for anybody. It will tear you apart. You might get away with some, but one day you will be caught and that might ruin your relationship.
  8. Find 10 things you really love about them and tell them. This may be old school but it really works.
  9. Keep whatever happens between you two within yourself. Don’t go out and ask for some third person’s advice every now and then.
  10. Let go of all the topics related to ex’s. Yes everyone has a past and things must have happened in the past. Don’t ask 10000 question about ex’s.
  11. Listen to your partner.
  12. Don’t be too judgmental or have too much negative opinion about everything your partner does.
  13. All relationships go through challenges. It’s how you get through them that proves the strength of your relationship.
  14. Patience, empathy, understanding and a little bit of compromise goes a long way when issues come up.
  15. Don’t give up easily if times are bad. Hold on to your love. Have faith.


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